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Dr. Scott Jacobson is a board-certified Family Medicine physician focusing on Functional Medicine –– incorporating personalized fitness and nutritional programs along with traditional medical treatments.

Dr. Scott is a good listener. He takes time to really hear you and he really listens. He is great with figuring out alternative meds and is not afraid to suggest trying something different. He is also super good at returning phone calls!
— D. Johnson, Feb. 2017 (via HealthGrades.com)
I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Scott. He’s patient, he listens and working with him feels like working with a friend who cares. He doesn’t only treat the symptom; he finds out what the underlying issue is, and suggests a holistic approach to solving my problem so that it doesn’t come back. Whether it’s a recommendation for medication, or a suggestion of a diet change or a new exercise, he hasn’t steered me wrong.
— Shaun Galanos – Apr. 2018 (Via HealthGrades.com)
Dr. Scott is like no other doctor I have met in this town. I am not an easy patient after some health trauma a year ago and recurring symptoms that no one can seem to figure out. I have questions ALL THE TIME. Dr. Scott *never* hesitates to return emails, call me, or have me come in. He is always available, even on the weekends! He truly, truly cares about his patients and balances holistic methods with western medicine.
— Ashley S Jul. 2018 (via HealthGrades.com)

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