Insurance Free. Patient-Centered. Unlimited Access.

What is Direct primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a concept of medicine that cuts out insurance companies and provides people with excellent primary care.  It allows Doctors to spend time with their patients, get to know them and help them navigate their health.  For a monthly membership fee you receive a personal primary care doctor as well as classes, workshops, same day appointments and e-visits (email, text, phone and video).



Limited number of patients.  Translation: More time for you.

  • Typical insurance-based practices carry a volume of 2,000 or more patients per doctor. With a DPC model doctors limit the amount of patients they take on in their practice and focus on providing quality care to a select group.  In this way the doctor is able to personally know each patients and adequately address their concerns.  Any time.  

Insurance free.  Translation: Freedom to care.

  • We do not accept insurance or charge co-pays.  In this model you pay a monthly fee and have all of your primary care needs met.  For patients that have insurance we will refer through your insurance for services such as blood work, imaging and specialist. For patients who do not have insurance we will find out what the cash price is for services not covered in our office.

Patient-centered care.  Translation: The patient’s needs first

  • In our practice, you will receive old-fashioned care while employing modern science and medicine to maintain your health and address illness.  Your doctor will listen to you and work with you to find the best healthcare solutions to your individual needs.

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