Dr Scott Jacobson works with patients everywhere in the United States


Dr Scott Jacobson is licensed in Nevada and Florida

We treat patients all over the United States!

In order for Dr. Jacobson to take on a new patient outside of NV and FL care must first be established at one of our offices in Las Vegas.

For patients that are coming to see us from out of state we make every effort to accommodate your travel schedule including planning visits after hours and on weekends. If you need information about hotels or accommodations our office will help.

Once the initial in person evaluation is complete, Dr. Jacobson is able to continue treatment virtually with phone calls, video calls, emails and even text messaging.

Many of our patients are not able to access exceptional Functional Medicine in their area and we are here to fill that need.


Please call or text our office to find out more information on how you can have Dr. Jacobson as your Functional Medicine MD