Functional medicine addresses the root cause of disease in order to restore and maintain health. 

This individualized approach to health recognizes that everyone is different and that what works for some people might not work for others.  Using the functional medicine approach, extensive testing is done to analyze your genetics, microbiome, micronutrients, hormones and take an in depth personal history and creating a health plan for you and your body.

Using Functional Medicine we help our patients make life style changes based on their unique needs. We help patients navigate diets based on scientific evidence gained from doing individualized & specialized testing.

Functional Medicine may also be used to help patients wean off of pharmaceutical and explore holistic and natural solutions to chronic health issues.

Many patient come to us after having spent years being given RX’s to mask symptoms instead of trying to figure out what your body is telling you by expressing these symptoms. Things like chronic fatigue, thyroid issues, hormone imbalances, stomach & food issues, allergies, breathing & sinus issues, auto immune diseases, chronic pain, joint pain, anxiety, depression and more... are all symptoms and throwing pharmaceuticals at these issues is doing a disservice to you and your body.

We work with all ages.

Call us today to see if Functional Medicine is a good fit for you. 

Dr. Scott on Functional Medicine

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