Grounding In Nature With Dr. Scott

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Studies show that regular, direct access to nature can: increase self esteem and resilience against stress and adversity. It can also improve concentration, learning, creativity, cognitive development, cooperation, flexibility and self-awareness.

Recently, scientific research has indicated that your body can be protected and healed when you electrically reconnect to the Earth. That is, when you are grounded.

Being grounded can help relieve inflammation. When grounded, the diurnal rhythm of the stress hormone, cortisol, begin to normalize. Cortisol is connected to your body’s stress response and helps control blood sugar levels, regulates metabolism, helps reduce inflammation, and assists with memory formulation.

When you are grounded, your circulation improves, aiding in the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues in your whole body.

While the research on grounding is relatively new, the practice is timeless. Past societies went barefoot or wore leather footwear that allowed the energy from the Earth to rise up into their bodies.

How to Ground: go barefoot for at least 30 min outside and see what a difference that makes on your pain or stress level. Sit, stand, or walk on soil, grass, sand, or concrete. These are all conductive surfaces from which your body can draw the Earth’s energy.

Dr. Scott Jacobson is a board certified family doctor and founder of Wishing Wellness Medical.

He sees patients in both a primary care and Functional Medicine capacity blending traditional Western medicine, holistic health, and Functional Medicine.